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Research Director

  • James A. Holcombe
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Current Graduate Students



Group Alumni

Name Graduated Research Current Career
Adam Rowland, Ph.D. December, 2008 Explorations of electrothermal vaporization inductively coupled plasma time-of-flight mass spectrometry for isotopic analysis R & D with Leco in Michigan
Carina Gunder, M.A. May, 2008 Identification of Uranium-Specific Chelators Using a Combinatorial Approach  
Brianna White, Ph.D. August, 2007 FRET Peptidyl Sensors for the Detection of Metal Ions
Cancer research at Scott & White
Analytical chemist at Monsanto Company in St. Louis, MO
Thomas Kreschollek, Ph.D. May, 2007 Multiplexed Carbon Braid ETV and Tandem ETV-Nebulizer Sample Introduction for ICPMS Polymer research at Dow
John Molloy, Ph.D. December, 2006 Detection of Metal Vapor Atoms at Room Temperature Postdoctoral research at NIST
Jacqueline Stair, Ph.D. August, 2006 Studies in polypedtde metal chelation
Went to postdoctoral research at Queen Mary, University of London
Matthew Stanton, M.A. May, 2006 Array-Based Split-Pool Conbinatorial Screeing of Potential Catalysts
Pursued MBA at Duke
Bill Balsanek, Ph.D December, 2005 Conducting Multi-Elemental Analyses with an Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer using Electrothermal Vaporization Sample Introduction
Dionex sales rep
Nikhilesh Desai, M.A. August, 2004 Improving transport efficiency from the Electrothermal vaporizer (ETV) to the Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICPMS) using radially directed gas flow Working at Genentech (San Francisco) in analytical method development, primarily using chromatographic techniques
Lisa Malachowski, Ph.D. July, 2004 Investigation of Immobilized Biopolymers for Metal Binding  
Ashley Johnson, Ph.D. July, 2004 Studies Toward the Development of an Electronically Switchable Ion Exchange System  
John Venable, Ph.D. May, 2001 Fundamental studies of electrothermal vaporization as a sample introduction source for inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry  
Thomasin Miller Ph.D. May, 2001 Development of novel bonded-phase ion exchange systems for the preconcentration and recovery of trace metals from aqueous systems  
Leticia Alvarez, M.A. May, 2001 Determination of absolute transport efficiency from an electrothermal vaporizer (ETV) to an inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICP-MS) using in-line thermal precipitation and electrostatic precipitation  
Delony Langer, Ph.D. December, 2000 Electrothermal vaporization inductively coupled mass spectrometry: fundamental studies and practical applications  
Maury Howard, Ph.D. December, 1999 Characterization of synthetic biopolymeric chelators for trace metal extraction and recovery  
Kanan Garg, M.A. May, 1997 Secondary ion mass spectroscopy study of palladium modification of lead on graphite surfaces  
Holly Jurbergs, Ph.D. May, 1997 Characterization of free and silica-immobilized poly-L-Cysteine for trace metal chelation and preconcentration  
Tim Histen, Ph.D. December, 1997 Fundamental studies of electrothermal atomization including controlled, non-linear temperature programs (atomic absorption, temperature control, graphite furnace)  
Ye Ruan, M.A. December, 1997 Trace metal analysis by electrothermal vaporization mass spectrometry using second surface trapping  
Chris Sparks, Ph.D. August, 1996 Sample transport in electrothermal vaporization-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry  
Jason Jackson, Ph.D. August, 1995 Pre-atomization processes occurring on graphite surfaces used in electrothermal atomization  
Andy Scheie, Ph.D. May, 1995 Electrothermal vaporization mass spectrometry using second surface trapping  
Brian Anderson, Ph.D. December, 1994 Evaluation of immobilized metallothionein for trace metal separation and preconcentration;  
Rodney Fonseca, Ph.D. 1993 Characterization of trace metal desorption using electrothermal atomic absorption spectroscopy (graphite furnace)  
Pingxin Wang, Ph.D. 1992 Electrothermal atomizers  
Cynthia Mahan, Ph.D. 1992 Evaluation of free and immobilized algae cells for preconcentration and separation of trace metals (algae cells)  
David Hassell, Ph.D. 1991 Temperature programmed static secondary ion mass spectrometry studies of graphite surface reactions in electrothermal atomizers  
Oscar Guell, Ph.D. 1990 Monte Carlo techniques applied to chemical analysis and electrothermal atomizers for understanding and optimization  
Luis Rodriguez, Ph.D. 1989 Secondary ion mass spectrometry studies of graphite surfaces used in electrothermal atomization atomic absorption spectrometry  
Dean Bass, Ph.D. 1988 Investigations of mechanisms in graphite furnace atomic absorption spectroscopy using mass spectrometry and computer simulations  
John McNally, Ph.D. 1988 Topological characteristics and vaporization mechanisms of the analyte within an electrothermal atomizer  
Kathryn Wolfe, M.A. 1988 Elucidation of high temperature interactions between chromium and graphite during graphite furnace atomic absorption analysis  
John Stafford, M.A. 1987 Time-gated resonance schlieren investigation of analyte distribution in graphite furnace atomic absorption studies  
Mary Riddle, M.A. 1987 Time and spatially resolved vapor temperatures and Monte Carlo simulations for an electrothermal atomizer  
George Christopher, M.A. 1987 Computer-controlled heating and data collection software for thermal desorption spectroscopy  
Maureen Droessler, Ph.D. 1987 Studies of selenium vaporization from a graphite surface using atomic absorption and mass spectrometry  
Debra Bisson, M.A. 1986 Direct analysis by atomic absorption spectrometry of vapor phase trace elements in the synthetic gas produced in cool gasification  
Thomas Rettberg, Ph.D. 1985 Second surface atomization for electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry (graphite, furnace, tantalum, plug)  
Gary Rayson, Ph.D. 1983 Second surface atomization for electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry (graphite, furnace, tantalum, plug)  
Stephen Salmon, Ph.D. 1981 Effect of oxygen on analyte vaporization and gas phase reaction in electrothermally heated graphite atomizers  
Laurence McGonagle, M.A. 1980 Microphotometric errors from photographically recorded spectral lines of non-uniform half-width  
Robert Eklund, Ph.D. 1979 Electrothermal atomization in atomic absorption spectrometry: fundamental causes of interference effects and a study of an exploding thin film atomizer  
Karen Grice, M.A. 1978 A vibrating orifice particle generator for use in flame atomic absorption studies